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Wool Flap Cap - Black/Neon

Wool Flap Cap - Black/Neon

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Made from scratch, soft brimmed five panel camp hat with warm ear flaps that can be tied up top or under your chin to keep you super toasty during the next nor’easter. With classic neon rainbow laces and matching topstitching in neon red, yellow, and blue. Each hat is handmade from start to finish with meticulous care, and is made to be lived in.

This black wool fabric has a very soft and plush weave, and so the hat will naturally fit a little more snugly than our standard canvas hat due to the thickness of the fabric.

This hat will fit most adults and older kids. The hat circumference ranges from about 19.5 to 23 inches, with a snug fit :)

Made with a locally sourced deadstock wool blend. Cotton twill sweat band, polypro back strap, and nylon laces all made in the USA.

Spot clean or dry clean. Iron brim flat as needed to keep it lookin’ fresh.

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