Portrait of a woman wearing brown camp hat featuring a hand printed neon pink front panel and brim.

I've always made a habit of designing and sewing goods to fill various needs as they arise, so when my when my first son was a baby and I couldn't find a hat for him that fit my aesthetic, I made one. I've since made many for our family and friends, and found that, of course, I love them scaled up for adults too (I mean, why should kids get all the cool stuff?). They've served us well through years filled with summer beach days, fall hikes, music festivals, and backyard exploring. In spring of 2020, I started Sundew Sewing Co. to share both my joy in creating a well crafted handmade product, and the joy of using them in our day-to-day lives. I hope you find one to take on your next adventure. 

Who makes the hats?
Each Sundew Sewing Co. hat is handcrafted (by me, Sarah) from start to finish in my home studio in Yarmouth, ME, USA. 

What about the brims?
I cut and construct the brims myself rather than using a prefab hard plastic insert. The brim is slightly shorter and more flexible than a typical mass-produced hat, yet firm enough to retain its shape. Bonus, it easily flips up 90's style. 

Made to Order
All hats are made to order, unless otherwise noted. Current make time for made to order hats is listed at the top of the page in the announcement bar.

Size + Fit
All hats are available in two sizes. The Adult size will fit most adults and older kids. The hat circumference ranges from about 19.5 inches when fully cinched, to 23 inches comfortably. It measures roughly 13" ear-to-ear, and stands about 4" tall. The brim is 2.75" long, and 7" wide.

The Little Kid size will fit most toddlers and young kids, ages 18 months to 7 years. The hat circumference ranges from about 18.5 inches when fully cinched, to 21.5 inches comfortably. It measures 12” ear-to-ear, and stands about 3.5” tall. The brim is 2.12" long , and 6.5" wide. 

Run through the sprinkler, dry in the sun (or, hand wash cold, line dry). Iron the brim to keep it fresh.

If your hat gets super rumpled and you want to make it look crisp and new again, this works like a charm: (1) Spray with water, (2) blow a balloon up inside the hat until its nice and taught, (3) let it dry and remove the balloon, (4) spray and press the brim using a cloth between the iron and the hat (to avoid scorching the fabric), (5) put it on and admire yourself in the nearest mirror.